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BLE College Park HubZone Centre Opens

BLE College Park HubZone Centre Opens

Many small businesses, particularly service-oriented businesses that don’t require a storefront to sell products, opt to operate without a physical office. Instead, upstart owners utilize P.O. Boxes, work out of their homes or simply skip identifying an address for their business, other than an email address and mobile telephone number.

The BLE Virtual Office package, which can include access to furnished executive office suites and meeting rooms when needed, is a great solution. BLE Executive and Virtual Office Suites has many affordable, flexible options that allow businesses to do their best work and grow at their own pace. Learn more about the BLE Largo Park Centre and BLE National Harbor Centre at (301) 322-1700.

Here are the top three reasons why small businesses should consider getting a physical address:

  1. Professional Appearance: A physical office space gives off the impression that the business is successful and trustworthy – providing a professional face for customers and colleagues. A P.O. Box or no address on a business card can send the message that the business is too small or too young to handle large clients or requests. A physical address also makes it easier to receive packages, etc.
  1. Place to Meet Clients: Meeting clients at their place of business or at a coffee shop or restaurant does not instill confidence. Send a stronger message with a physical address and access to professional meeting spaces equipped with everything you need to run a meeting, from projectors to conference rooms. For instance, BLE’s receptionists are available to answer your telephone calls and greet guests.
  1. Google Search: Google Local Search is an essential tool for small businesses. Consumers tend to use a business that is within 20 miles of their home or business. To be listed on Google Local, however, a business must have a physical address. The latest Google update, in fact, has removed some service-area businesses from its search results for not having an address, and Google does not accept businesses with P.O. boxes in its online listings.

Think You Can’t Afford a Physical Office Space?

BLE Virtual Offices do not require a long-term commitment, and we can have you up and running in one day. That means you can take advantage of lower overhead, since you won’t need to invest in full-time staff or office equipment. BLE provides offices and meeting space when and where a business needs them. Our service also offers a variety of amenities and options, allowing your business to personalize the space.

Call us at (301) 322-1700 to learn more about the great amenities and super packages available at the BLE Largo Park Centre and BLE National Harbor Centre.

About BLE. BLE Executive & Virtual Office Suites LLC is a leading provider of affordable, flexible shared and virtual office solutions in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Founded in 2007, BLE is an owner-operated business dedicated to providing convenient, high-quality spaces for people to work and grow.



Many small businesses, particularly service-ori..."


"Professional offices, which give your business an ..."


"Many small businesses, particularly service-orient..."